You did a great job

Dear Roni and friends,

A big thank-you to Roni. You did a great job! We were comfortable all the way through. It has been one of the most enjoyable trip for Fei Fei and me.

The welcome dinner was a knockout. The food was very tasty and creative. The castle provided a great setting for a memorable evening. Easily,  Michelin 2stars, in my opinion.

Admiral was a good ship. Facilities are new and functional. We had plenty of rooms. Everybody was very friendly. The foods were fine. The fishes were always very fresh and well prepared. The meats may use some improvement. For us, Chinese, hot water was much welcome and we will like to have some cooked vegetables in addition. Hotel at Rovinj was surprisingly good. Very modern, 21st century standard. We had a great dinner, lots of fun and much toasting with good and affordable wines at that small restaurant off the coast at Rovinj. Our friends were all lovingly adorable. We eat, drink, play and are all happy together. A little singing, toasting and poker help also.  I should stop and let others continue, please.

Thank you again, Roni. Best wishes to all of our friends also. We look forward to seeing you soon either in Shanghai or California!

Dean December 27, 2016

Wonderful trip

Thank you Roni, it is a wonderful trip, well planed and excellent execution.

Best regards.

Julia and Wolfgang. December 27, 2016

Wonderful tour

Hi Roni,

We have safely returned to Shanghai, wanted to thank you for the wonderful tour arranged. It was a memorable trip, we still talked about the fun card games.

Best regards,

Jerry December 29, 2016

Thank Roni

We would like to thank Roni for his dedicated efforts throughout the trip.
Until we meet again,here is wishing everyone all the best.
Ann and Lawrence
In sunny Cabrerets,southern France.

Ann and Lawrence December 29, 2016

Arrangements in Croatia


Thanks for making all our arrangements in Croatia.

Shabbat Shalom

Daniel December 29, 2016

Excellent work


Thank you very much for your excellent work.

You are the best guide we ever have.

We shall come back to you.

Stay in touch.

Very best to you and your family,

Jim December 27, 2016

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