Kosher cruises

In this post-COVID-19 period we are all looking to embrace the open horizons, reconnect with the loved ones and recharge on the natural majesty we were locked out of for too long. For this purpose we can’t think of anything better than a deluxe cruise in Croatia! Our 5 star fleet and premium on-board service feature artisanal
kosher cuisine based on authentic Mediterranean dishes, expert tour-guides specialized in rich Jewish history and culture of the region, a breathtaking coastline beautified with the string of most stunning island pearls (over 1200 of them!) floating on the tranquil, pristine sea water. These are all graciously waiting this summer to captivate you f o r e v e r !


Cruises for up to 36 people


Small groups

Embarkation: Split, Dubrovnik, Zadar
Disembarkation: Split, Dubrovnik, Zadar
Boat type: Luxury mini-cruiser
Year: from 2017
Length: 43 - 48m
Cabins: 18-19
Berths: 36
Decks: 3

Cruises for up to 12 people


Luxury yachts

Embarkation: Split
Disembarkation: Split
Boat type: Gulets
Year: 2019
Length: 43.53m
Cabins: 6
Berths: 12
Toilets: 6