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Grand kosher tour of Croatia Serbia Slovenia Bosnia and Herzegovina 2019

It was a warm and sunny morning in Belgrade when the group arrived and it didn’t take long before the European capital of gritty charm made its deep impression on our guests. Our lodging at the iconic Hotel Moskva...

Slovenia and Croatia highlights

From: 2780 € | Duration: 13 days The two rising stars as the European travel destinations, from the Alps to the Adriatic sea islands.

Between the empires

From: 2790 € | Duration: 14 days 2000 years, 6 empires, Kingdoms, Republics and 3 Jewish ethnicities. A history richer than any imagination.

Southern Ashkenazi frontier

From: 2900 € | Duration: 14 days The Ashkenazi history of southern Europe – from amazing Art Noveau architecture through rich history of local communities, experience the Jewish life as it once was. Gloriuos past and interesting future, it’s all here.

Day trips


Jewish tour of Split

From: 60 € | Duration: 3 hours Discover the amazing history of Split, a city that grew within a Roman Emperor’s palace, and its Jewish community, hidden inside its walls.

Jewish tour of Ljubljana

From: 90 € | Duration: 2-8 hours Ljubljana, the charming and vivid capital of Slovenia is one of the smallest cities in Europe with one of the smallest Jewish communities and yet it beats proudly with a huge, fired up heart.

Jewish tour of Zagreb

From: from 75 € | Duration: 3 hours Chaim Bar Lev, Fiorello La Guardia, Academy Award, Valium, Theodore Herzl, Goodyear Blimp – all have Croatian Jewish connection…discover it today!


From: 80 € | Duration: 8 hours Visit the village where “Fiddler on the roof” was filmed, back in 1971. Discover the village’s forgotten Jewish past. Just 30 minutes drive away from Zagreb, in the vicinity of Zagreb airport. Home hosted meal in a local family’s home included.
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