Small groups

Embarkation: Split, Dubrovnik, Zadar
Disembarkation: Split, Dubrovnik, Zadar
Boat type: Luxury mini-cruiser
Year: from 2017
Length: 43 m -48 m
Cabins: 18-19
Berths: up to 36
Decks: 3

Luxury mini-cruisers offer an unique way to spend a dream holiday in Croatia for small groups of up to 36 passengers.

From the moment you land, until you leave, you will be spoiled by gourmet food of your private chef on-board the yacht, breathtaking views of almost 1300 Croatian islands, small bays and coves and white stone towns scattered along the coast.

Sailing along the coast, with gourmet glatt kosher kitchen has made the kosher travel in Croatia easier, simpler and better than ever. 

Whether you are a group of friends or a family on an annual get-together kosher cruise in Adriatic is a sure way to have lasting memories, few trips can provide in such a laid back, yet diverse setting. 

The yachts are built in Croatia, each is owned and operated by a local family whose generations of ancestors spent thier lives seafaring around the world. Each is custom built and designed to ensure maximum comfort and luxury, and they will make you feel as if you are part of their family.

All the programs are one week long, and include sailing between the islands and the mainland, usually from Split to Dubrovnik and back, along the Dalmatian cost. Every afternoon we arrive to a different island, where we enjoy the sightseeing of picturesque and historic Dalmatian towns, or indulge in activities, such as kayaking, ziplining, quad Runners ride, jeep name it.

Every evening is spent mooring in the local port, giving us opportunity to enjoy the evening strolling with the locals and everyone else, or having a drink in a local bar. Most of the sailing is done in the morning, after everyone has woken up, finished davening and while having breakfast.

Croatian sea is known to be extremely calm and pleasant, during summer months, so no waves or storms are expected while you are here (like the Red sea in Eilat). Ideal time for kosher cruise in Croatia is between late May and mid-October.


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